Breeding new 
Potato varieties 
is what we do

Konst Research - potato innovations

Welcome to the world of potatoes

From the Meerlander to the Severina. Since 1932 Konst Research has been developing innovative potato varieties to meet the varying demands of consumers. Konst Research can offer potatoes with the appropriate flavour and characteristics for each and every process. The varieties give a good crop and are very useful for processing. Thanks to their resistance to disease, less chemical crop protection is required. Konst varieties are efficient in use of fertilisers. For (sub)tropical regions, Konst has varieties which offer a sustainable and nutritional alternative for water-intensive rice.

Our varieties

Konst Research has potato varieties for every market and every type of soil. From the firm Trophy boiling potato to the Marfona baking potato.

Our partners

Konst Research works with a number of national and international partners in the development and production of potato varieties.

About the potato

In 1536 potatoes made their way from Peru to Europe. By now, 4000 varieties are cultivated in the world…
The development of a new potato variety is an intensive process which takes 10 to 12 years. The process in 6 steps…
We research and test 25,000 seedlings before finding a commercially successful variety…

About our company

Konst Research is only a quarter of an hour away from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The brothers Peter and Vincent Könst have been running the family company since 1992. Konst Research is focusing more and more on the export market, where there is growing demand for Dutch seed potatoes.